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The AP’s “Editorial” Obituary for Tony Snow

July 15, 2008

    Yesterday evening, on the “O’Reilly Factor”, I heard a portion of a very “Editorial” obituary, for conservative columnist, commentator, & former White House press secretary, Tony Snow. Below is the eMail I sent to President & CEO of the Associated Press, Tom Curley. 
    If you wish to read this obituary, in it’s entirety, click on the following link:;jsessionid=C89CD8522BC3000469B3F0264318B6F0?action=viewBlog&blogID=661364378434378744 
Dear Mr. Curley, 
    I didn’t know Mr. Tony Snow in person, but I came to know him as guest-host of the Rush Limbaugh show, the occasional White House briefings he did as President Bush’s Press Secretary and through the numerous appearances he made on various programs on the Fox News Channel. 
    He was a truly funny, witty, sincere fun-loving guy, who was passionate about his beliefs, and whatever you, your staff, or anyone else in America may think of him, he will be missed! 
    Good men like this only grace our earth once in a great while, and for your writer, Douglass K. Daniel, to denigrate Mr. Snow’s stint as press secretary with lines like, “if not always a command of the facts”, and “personality-driven media event short on facts and long on confrontation” is a disgrace, and you, and Mr. Daniel, should be ashamed of yourselves!  You owe the Snow family, all Mr. Snow’s distinguished colleagues throughout his all too short career, as well as the American public, both a written and public apology, and Mr. Daniel should make a full retraction of his disparaging comments.  Perhaps, he might even consider resigning. 
    Furthermore, if you stand behind Mr. Daniel’s piece, as you claim to, then take up Bill O’Reilly’s offer to appear on the “Factor”, and let the chips fall where they may.  If you can’t even do that, what must that say about you? 
    Mr. Daniel’s piece wasn’t an obituary, but rather an editorial.  Your organization has all the time in the world to critique and editorialize Mr. Snow’s life and career, but during his family’s time of mourning, was neither the time, nor the place. 
    Pieces like this one, the posting on the L.A. Times’ website asking if, “he’ll be buried in his Nazi uniform” as well as countless others, throughout the mainstream media, are, doubtless, the reason why ratings at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC are down to all-time lows, newspaper readership is dwindling, and Americans, in general, now have a visceral distrust of our media. 
    People across this land are seeking truth and objectivity on the Internet, cable news channels, and the like – and is it any wonder? 
    True, the First Amendment grants us freedom of speech, but bear in mind, freedom comes with responsibility.  Ask yourself, “Were the disparaging comments in Mr. Daniel’s obituary a responsible use of that sacred right, so many in the media cherish?”  I’ll bet you can’t look yourself in the mirror and honestly say, “Yes”? 
    If you wish to restore the AP to it’s former glory, then set an example for the rest of the media in this country and do the right thing; Clean house, put objectivity back into journalism, have a better command of your facts, keep editorial comments where they belong – on the editorial pages, and report the news – don’t manufacture it!  Remember Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”? 
Ronald G. Johnson 
Salem, SD 
    If you wish to contact Mr. Tom Curley, to offer your own thoughts & comments on Mr. Douglass K. Daniel’s obituary of Tony Snow, you may reach him in the following ways: 
    Tom Curley President & CEO 
    Associated Press 
     450 West 33rd Street 
     New York, NY 10001 
Phone: (212) 621-7550 
    Fax: (212) 621-1908